Support Parole Hearings for All

In The Argument in the Jan. 23rd Boston Globe, state Representative Liz Miranda makes a compelling case in favor of guaranteeing a parole hearing to anyone serving a life sentence. She provides details about the bill she co-filed, H.1797, An Act to reduce mass incarceration, that would “guarantee people serving a life sentence the opportunity for a parole review and hearing after 25 years in prison. Ensuring parole review for all does not mean automatic release for all. Some of those serving life sentences will never be released. As with anyone seeking parole, they would need to meet specific criteria for release, including evidence that they had been rehabilitated. And even if released, they would need to abide by specific conditions set by the state Parole Board.”

The League supports H. 1797. To help show the level of public support for this legislation, please vote in the poll included in the article here.

You can read LWVMA’s testimony on the bill here.