Housing Position – 2005

The League believes that all people have a right to safe, decent, and adequate housing.  We will support a variety of housing types which maintain the quality of neighborhoods and promote economic and social diversity within the community while preserving contiguous open space, environmental resource protection, and efficient use of land.

All housing plans for the Town should include specific regulations for adequate waste management and water supplies.

So that visual impact is complementary to the surrounding neighborhoods, consideration should be given to the aesthetic appearance of a development, specifically:

  • height and design characteristics
  • effective buffers
  • screening and foundation plantings
  • sufficiently deep setbacks

Off-street parking, minimal impact on local traffic flow and patterns, and alternative transportation, such as the provision for walking and bicycle paths, should be encouraged.

The League will support measures to provide affordable housing to the community which assist with meeting and maintaining all state requirements and which also address local needs.

We will advocate for affordable housing types which address the changing space and economic needs, whether through ownership or rent, for:

  • the elderly
  • handicapped and disabled
  • families with children
  • couples without children and singles

Affordable housing which is distributed throughout the Town will be promoted wherever possible.