Candidates' Night at the JV Fletcher Library
Thursday, April 26th, 2018, 7:00pm


The League of Women Voters encourages you to participate in the democratic process. You can use the form below to submit questions to be asked at the League's Candidates' Night event.

Questions are received anonymously and may be submitted for consideration until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 20th. Candidates' Night will be broadcast live on Westford CAT Comcast Channel 8 and repeated several times on both Westford CAT Comcast Channel 8 and Verizon Channel 35, as well as YouTube.

Questions will be answered only at Candidates' Night; individual replies will not be provided. Questions will be sorted, and the League of Women Voters reserves the right to edit or combine questions for clarity and relevance. Due to time restraints, all questions may not be used.

Please keep your questions brief and make it clear to which Office they are directed. Questions should not be directed to a particular candidate, as each question will be posed to all candidates for a given office. Thank you.

Which group of candidates is your question for?

 Selectmen  Library Trustees  School Committee
 Planning Board  Board of Health

Enter your question here:

The following lists the candidates who are running for local office. Attendance at Candidates' Night is not yet confirmed.
  Candidates List

One seat, Three years:
Mark Kost

Planning Board
One seat, Five years:
Darrin Wizst

School Committee
Three seats, Three years:
Avery Adam
Alicia Mallon
Christopher Sanders
Mingquan Zheng

Board of Health
One Seat, Three years:
Joanne Belanger



The Westford League of Women Voters maintains a policy of not endorsing any candidate. All information posted on external web sites is the responsibility of the web site owner and does not reflect the views of the Westford LWV.

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