Voters’ Guide for 2011 Spring Town Elections

The Westford League of Women Voters compiled a set of questions for the candidates for all open seats in the upcoming town election. Candidates were given the chance to answer these questions, so that voters could be better informed about their positions and experience. Candidates were not required to answer these questions. The offices and candidates are listed below. Where there are multiple candidates for an office, the replies are listed alphabetically by last name. Click on a candidate’s name to go to their background information and responses.

Board of Selectmen

(Two seats, Three years)

Kelly Ross
Valerie Wormell

Board of Health

(Two Seats, Three years)

Zac Cataldo
Michele Crawford

Housing Authority

(One set, Five years)

Carol Engel

Library Trustees

(Two seats, Three years)

Hajo Koester
Bob Price


(One seat, Three years)

Ellen Harde

Planning Board

(One seat, Five years)

Kate Hollister

Planning Board

(One seat, one year)

Prasad Vasiraju

School Committee

(Two Seats, Three Years)
David Keele
Erika Kohl