Where are the League Banners?

Maybe you noticed that the League’s Vote and Town Meeting banners were not on display before the September primary or this weekend’s Special Town Meeting. For many years local tree services have generously put up and taken down our banners over Main Street in the Center at no cost. For various reasons they can no longer do that and we haven’t been able to find a substitute. Paying someone to hang the banners as many as six times a year is well beyond our budget.

Instead of hanging the Town Meeting banner for this past weekend’s Special Town Meeting, we asked the Select Board to approve using the town’s portable electronic sign to advertise the Meeting, which proved fortunate because it could be changed when Special Town Meeting was postponed to Sunday. But the sign doesn’t have the same visibility as our banners, and we’ll continue looking for a way to have the banners hung over Main Street.

Our thanks to all the League members who continue to maintain and post our Vote Tuesday and Town Meeting yard signs, especially for all the extra work required to keep up with the changes in time and day of the Special Town Meeting.